About BOE Online Course

The BOE online course is designed to offer aspiring candidates the Resource, Guideline and Support to successfully clear the BOE Certificate examination of their respective states. It consists of

  1. Study Material
  2. Continuous On-line support from the faculties through the virtual classroom. A number of experienced faculties would be available to clear any doubt raised by the participants in this virtual classroom.
  3. Various on-line tools for distance learning
  4. Sample BOE Examination papers from different states

Printed copy of reference study material would be provided to each participant. With innovative use of On-line tools like Discussion Forums, periodic assignments and self assessment test, participants would be guided by experienced faculties to clear their concepts so that they would be able to solve the BOE papers from most of the states that have conducted the examination since 2011.

Who can join?

  1. Aspiring candidates for BOE certificate Examination
  2. Boiler O&M personnel who do not meet the eligibility criterion for BOE certificate examination but want to increase their proficiency in Boiler Operation and Maintenance can also join this course

How the Course will be conducted:

The programme will be conducted in the following sequence:

  1. You would first fill the Registration form and apply for registration.
  2. Upon confirmation of receipt of course fees, a username and password would be generated at our end and this would be sent to you through e-mail.
  3. Printed copy of Reference Study Materials in four volumes would be sent through courier.
  4. You will get constant faculty support through the Virtual Classroom which you can access with your username and password. A pictorial guideline is available in the home page, which would tell you how to use this Virtual Classroom session
  5. After finishing each chapter, you would attempt to answer the model questions provided at the end of each chapter.
  6. A forum against each chapter of the study material is available in the Virtual Classroom, where you can clarify your doubts. It is important to use these forums extensively. There are search options available to check the questions asked by other participants. If you do not find your question answered in the earlier posts, you can ask a fresh question.
  7. Two weeks after your first log in, you will be able to download the online short assignment tests one by one. Each assignment should be completed and submitted on-line. The next assignment would be permitted to be downloaded only after the earlier assignment is uploaded.
  8. After you complete several online short assignments, a sample test would be conducted. Test paper would be sent to you online; however, you need to send back the answer papers to us by post. There will be total four such tests conducted throughout the complete programme

Self Assessment MCQs:

This is a special online preparatory tool. A large data base of short questions (MCQs, True & False, etc.), collected from different BOE examinations conducted at various states, are kept here in checkbox format. Concept notes are available against a number of important questions which you can read after submitting your answer.